Mainline steam

I take an occasional active interest in mainline steam trains - though much more as an image-maker than a committed steam enthusiast!

See also - a temporary home for some quick uploads that I'll probably move here in due course (34067 Tangmere at Kent House and Victoria, 24 June 2006, 71000 Duke of Gloucester at Clapham Junction 9 July 2006, 6024 King Edward 1 with the Torbay Express at Paignton, 20 August 2006)

1. The Royal Wessex, 18 June 2005

Battle of Britain Class Bulleid Pacific 34067 "Tangmere" with a historic trip - the first steam-hauled train from Weymouth to London via Bournemouth, Southampton and Basingstoke for 37 years. Seen here at London Victoria and at Clapham Junction.

More info - see

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2. The Statesman, London Victoria-Hastings round trip, 11 March 2006

Battle of Britain Class Bulleid Pacific 34067 "Tangmere" passes through Wandsworth Common station heading back to Victoria (passing an outbound Gatwick Express).


3. VSOE Lunchtime special, 29 April 2006

LNER A4 class 60009 "Union of South Africa" with a VSOE lunchtime special round trip to Guildford - seen at Victoria, Clapham Junction and East Croydon.

a. at Victoria and at Clapham Junction outward...
060429-PICT5417 060429-PICT5419 060429-PICT5423 060429-PICT5425
060429-PICT5428 060429-PICT5432 060429-PICT5435 060429-PICT5436
060429-PICT5439 060429-PICT5448 060429-PICT5450 060429-PICT5455
060429-PICT5456 060429-PICT5457 060429-PICT5462 060429-PICT5463
b. at East Croydon returning to London...
060429-PICT5465 060429-PICT5467 060429-PICT5468 060429-PICT5469


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