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The photographs on this page and in my S Dorset gallery illustrate the sort of results it is easily possible to achieve even with a minimum of equipment - these were taken in shallow water (generally snorkelling, less than 10m deep) off the south coast.

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1. Photoshop tests

I've run a standard Photoshop "actions" file "underwater.atn" (intended for full versions of Photoshop but installed successfully in Photoshop Elements 4-6) over a couple of typical sample files - first two, Dorset, third one, Barbados - to show the kinds of effects that can be achieved.

There is also a good article on the subject at
See also http://pt010.dakine.info/adjustments.htm

The "actions" file can be obtained from the Adobe Exchange (or search there to locate James Connell’s “Underwater Correction”)


2. Dorset coast - Lulworth-Durdle Door

P8100021 See my S Dorset gallery pages

2. Brighton Beach - August 2003 (50m offshore, 3-5 m depth!)

These pictures of bass were taken literally 50m offshore from Brighton Beach (Marina end), shortly after high water, in just a few metres of water, with countless swimmers just yards away! Most of the fish are approximately 30cm or so long. Photographs were taken with an Olympus 4040 in the obligatory PT-010 housing. All are full-frame and unretouched (simply resized for the web site).
P8100021 P8100022 P8100023
P8100024 P8100031 P8100032
P8100041 P8100044 P8100045
P8100046 P8100050

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